November 11, 2014

About Us

Camera 360 Overview
KTM Parking was incorporated in 1994 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTMB). From managing car parks under the various train stations within the KTMB rail network, KTM Parking has spread its wings into operating car parks throughout the country and is still growing strong. We value the confidence that our customers have in us, and it is with their trust that we continue to soar to greater heights.

corp_mission Our Purpose
At KTM Parking, we incorporate the principle of reliability into parking services and strive to provide unparalleled service, affordability and safety to our customers. We are guided by our rich heritage. It teaches us to be reliable and loyal. Combine these intrinsic values with the latest parking system technology, exceptional customer service as well as affordability and you have us. This is our aim,our adage and we reflect it everyday while providing service with our clients satisfaction in mind. Safety is an emphasis that we do not compromise on and we ensure that extra effort is taken everyday to ensure this.

business-card-3 Our Strategy
At KTM Parking, we are constantly improving ourselves, this is achieved through embracing new technology, nurturing our human capital and developing best practices learned through our experience since our inception in 1995. We evolve as time passes, and now we have embarked into the business of providing complete parking management solutions to new clients in the private sector. Competitiveness in terms of value and quality of service will ensure that we have an edge over the other names in the industry.

business-card-3 Our Family
Different faces, same radiant smiles. We take pride in what we so, and we strive to do it well. The KTM Parking family consists of an experienced management team supported by 70 car park personnel that we have the same notion in mind; providing the best service for you. That is what drives us with satisfaction and carves even a bigger smile on our faces the next day. Our people are our greatest asset.